Sunday, July 6, 2014

JJ 28:The Dark Gift

She takes her in her arms and pulls her warm body close to hers, running her hands along her curves as she leans back tilting her head to the side as she is bitten in the neck. Her warm blood sending waves of pleasure into her dark soul.

JJ 27: Ninja Princess & Her Captive

Having been found and captured at the palace gates by the Princess, she was taken down to the dungeon where she was bond and blinded by silk lace.  As the princess bent her forward with her arms bent back.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

JJ 26: Pleasing the Mistress

She stands before him looking down as he looks up at her and meets her eyes stroking himself uncontrollably from her dark beauty he lets out loud animalistic  moans as he pleasures himself before the MISTRESS.

JJ 25:Shower Love

Taking her in his arms and pulling her in close and places a kiss on her sweet full lips, tongues massaging each other as she slides her hand down his muscular chest down to his lingam and takes it in her hand and begins to stroke him slowly as it awakens and swells in her hand with each stroke.

JJ 24: Sweet Spot

Places her on the ground and runs his fingers across her yoni sliding them inside of her as she arches her back letting out light moans as he begins to find her sweet spot.

JJ 23: Explosion

Watches as she runs her fingers over her yoni, he begins to stroke is lingam until he feels himself start to explode and release his essence into the air and watches as it drips down his lingam.